1. Packaging Design for Goldkehlchen by Bureau FFabienne


  2. Packaging for 48 Miles Later by Freytag Anderson and Matt Burns


  3. http://blog.alexlikesdesign.com/post/20171508434/on-problem-solving-i-hear-a-lot-of-people-boldly →


    On Problem Solving. I hear a lot of people boldly proclaim that “Graphic design is problem solving.” Part -part- of graphic design is problem solving. Isolating this single element of the design process and holding it high as the de facto element of graphic design is among the most asinine…

  4. adamisinky:

    Perfection Printing Press No. 605 mounted on a cherry base

    Chase size: 1 and 5/8 x 2 and 3/4 

    Wilkins Toy Company, Keene, New Hampshire

    "Perfection. A lightweight self-inking toy press, often light blue in colour. A number still survive. The catalogue of 1911 showed five models. The first two were described as ‘patented 10 March, 1908’, the others as ‘patent applied for’."

    Personal Impressions, The Small Printing Press in Nineteenth-Century America, Elizabeth M. Harris 

  5. Studio Gifts From Boulder with Love by IMM

    As client gifts go, these are kind of adorable. Someday we will have lovely client gift too… Hopefully.


  6. Business Cards by Sarah Alfarhan

    The sketchbook images definitely make the cards seem more personal (and perhaps more memorable).


  7. Packaging Design for Mari

    The way the coasters fit together is probably my favorite part of this. That said, I will admit to being slightly confused that these look like beer bottles despite the fact that they actually contain wine. This also makes the coasters seem a little out of place since people generally don’t use coasters with wine glasses as far as I know.


  8. Alone by Belhoula Amir

    Kyle at The Fox Is Black suggests that this series is “illustrating lonliness,” but I’m not convinced that the images seem especially lonely. To me they seem to be more meditative than depressing. Perhaps it’s the vivid colors.


  9. O Castelo em 3 Atos (The Castle in 3 Acts) Book by Flúor Studio


  10. itscolossal:

    Emptied Gestures: Physical Movement Translated into Symmetrical Charcoal Drawings by Heather Hansen