1. grphosphr:

    Packaging Design for Einstök Beer

    Apparently this is like the best beer on the planet. Unfortunately, it’s only available in Iceland, the UK, and California. On the plus side, looking at the packaging is almost enough consolation. Stunning! I love that there are three distinct labels, yet they still go together seamlessly.

    Honestly, the way they matched the label colors to the type of beer—dark for the porter, lighter for the pale ale, white for the white ale—is so intuitive that I wouldn’t have even given it a second thought had Bobby Solomon not pointed it out in his write-up. Of course the labels would be those colors, it just makes sense. Truly design at it’s finest.


    Reposting this to confirm that I have now tried the white ale and it is in fact the best I have ever had. Plus it’s beautiful!

  2. Brooke & Ryan Save the Date by Christine Wisnieski


  3. Identity design for and by The Workbench


  4. Stationery for and by The Folks Studio


  5. Identity design for 27 by Solo


  6. type-lover:

Type Stress Animationby Roy Veldkamp


    Type Stress Animation
    by Roy Veldkamp

    (Source: trendgraphy)

  7. Anonymous said: WHO ARE YOU

    We. are. Graphosphere

    A small design studio based in Brooklyn, New York. 

    if you’d like to know more, shoot us an email at hello@graphosphere.is


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Duck Creek Log Jam by AndrewTwitter || Source


    Duck Creek Log Jam by Andrew

    Twitter || Source